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June 2-6, 2024 

2024 Chlorinated Conference, Denver, Colorado

Battelle’s Chlorinated Conference is the premier gathering of environmental professionals researching and applying innovative technologies and approaches for characterization, monitoring, cleanup and management of complex sites contaminated with the most challenging classes of chemicals. 

October 8, 2023 

Check out this Publication about Promising New technologies to aid in Revegetation of Mine Sites 

A combined compost, dolomite, and endophyte addition is more effective than single amendments for improving phytorestoration of metal contaminated mine tailings.  


February  5-9

Alaska Forum on the Environment 2024,

Anchorage, Alaska


March 11-14

Water Reuse 2024 Symposium,

Denver, Colorado


March 18-21

AEHS West Coast Conference

San Diego, California 

33rd annual international conference on soil, water, energy and air


June 2-6

Battelle 2024, Denver, Colorado 

Remedition of chlorinated and recalcitrant compounds 


October 25th-26th

Speaker Renee Murphy  Enviornmental Scientist  

Wednesday 10:45  

Our Environmental Scientist Renee Murphy is speaking at the Nicola Conference in South Africa. 

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August 17, 2023 

Check out this amazing article written by our Intern Ryan Nowak 

Planting Change: How Phytoremediation Can Transform PFAS Puzzles

As per- and poly-fluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) become a growing threat to our globe, Intrinsyx Environmental begins to explore applying their specialized phytoremediation system to develop a solution


August 11, 2023 

Speaker Renne Murphy Enviornmental Scientist

9:40-9:55 AM

Room: 353

Come listen to Renne Murphy Enviornmental Scientist present on sustainable nature-based solutions using phytoremediation!

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August 26, 2023

Speaker Galen O'Toole Enviornmental Engineer 

3:15 PM Panel Discussion 

Come listen to our Environmental Engineer Galen O'Toole speak on a panel discussion about Connecting Sustainability with Remediation Success’ at the CALRC Conference. 

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