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Deep Water Aquifer Plume Treatment
at Former Refinery Site in Wyoming 

Prime Contractors: PPCU and Trihydro 

Intrinsyx worked with its prime contractors to develop a systems design to remediate groundwater contaminated with benzene and Total Petroleum Hydrocarbons from depths exceeding 100 feet. A solar pump was used to pump groundwater from a deep-water aquifer into a subsurface drip irrigation system running along lined trenches into which the PD1-inoculated trees were planted. The contaminated groundwater is not brought to the surface, a crucial detail for securing regulatory approval. 



The project was successful, and the trees showed high survival rates. Once these 20 trees are mature, they will treat up to 1,000 gallons per day. By combining engineered and biological solutions, this demonstrates the ability to use phytoremediation to address groundwater contamination at any depth.

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