Brownfield Site Phytoremediation for Oil Company




Corpus Christi, TX


PPCU and Trihydro



Type of Remediation:

Endophyte Assisted Phytoremediation

Services Provided: 

Site Characterization, Remedial Design, Enhanced in-planta Bioremediation, Groundwater monitoring

Oil spill cleanup in Corpus Cristi, Texas. Bioremediation of oil spill using endophytes to sustainably clean oil spill.
Bioremediation of oil spill in Texas. Hybrid poplars inoculated with endophytes achieving bioremediation of oil spill.
Oil spill bioremdiation (phytoremediation) of contaminated site in Texas. Phytoremdiation using endophytes to clean oil spill in a a highly contaminated Brownfield site in Texas. Innovative phytoremediation project.
5 years after planting trees on an oil spill site in Texas. Phytoremediation project cleaning highly contaminated oil spill site. Sustainable oil spill cleanup using endophytes and hybrid poplar trees.

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