Below are short descriptions of some of our phytoremediation projects for the Federal government and for confidential Fortune 100 clients in the Energy and Technology sectors.
MEW Superfund Site: TCE Groundwater Plume
Moffet Field, CA

Intrinsyx planted over a thousand poplar trees inoculated with  our proprietary TCE-degrading bacteria over a TCE-contaminated groundwater plume at a large Superfund site. Intrinsyx provides on-going site monitoring and maintenance. The bacterial inoculation greatly increased the efficacy of the phytoremediation system and the results were published in Environmental Science & Technology, the field's leading journal.

This remediation project has been featured in local news and science publications:

Petroleum in Groundwater & Soil
Dos Palos, CA
TCE Groundwater Plumes
Multiple Client Campuses in California

For a Fortune 100 company in the technology sector, Intrinsyx provides environmental consulting and remediation services for multiple campus locations. Each site has unique geological and climate conditions, as well as multiple contaminants of concern. Intrinsyx has performed site data reviews and installed phytoremediation systems using unique tree cultivars and our chlorinated solvents-degrading bacteria over TCE groundwater plumes.

Additionally, Intrinsyx provides ongoing monitoring and assists in regulatory issues.   

Intrinsyx was contracted by one of the world's largest oil companies to assist in the cleanup of an oil and gas transfer station. The site contains oil and gas-contaminated soil and groundwater.


A previous contractor deployed a phytoremediation system which was underperforming, with trees suffering from toxicity. Intrinsyx evaluated the existing setup and was able to "rescue" the trees by inoculating them with our oil and gas degrading microbes, increasing the trees' ability to tolerate the high levels of contamination and increasing their rate of cleanup. We are currently planning to plant several hundred more trees inoculated with our microbes at this site as well as at a second site for the same confidential client.

Arsenic Phytoremediation of Soil
SF Bay Area, CA

Intrinsyx deployed a phytoremediation system at an industrial site with high arsenic levels in soil. We successfully worked with the Energy sector client through the regulatory approval process.

Intrinsyx is treating the soil with intercropped plant cultivars: hyperaccumulator ferns, grasses, and trees. Intrinsyx consults on the on-going operations and maintenance and is looking to expand this project site and to deploy these phytoremediation systems to other sites.

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