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Co-inoculated Trees with Multiple Endophytes for Mixed Wastes Soil & Groundwater Site in Fairbanks, AK 

Prime Contractors: PPCU and Trihydro 

Intrinsyx worked with its prime contractors to design a phytoremediation system to address overlapping groundwater plumes of chlorinated solvents as well as petroleum hydrocarbons (TPH, DRO GRO benzene). The team developed a planting scheme based on the locations of the plumes. Where both chlorinated solvents and petroleum hydrocarbons were present, trees would be co-inoculated with both PDN3 (chlorinated compound degrader) and PD1 (petroleum hydrocarbons degrader).  

Holes were bored through soil and through asphalt and 700 trees were augered in 8 feet deep. Local balsam poplar stock were sourced to be best adapted to the environment. 



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