TCE Groundwater Phytoremediation at Former Manufacturing Facility
Planting and digging spearheaded by Intrinsyx Environmental
Significant growth in season 1 as a result of our biotechnologies with >99% survival

Intrinsyx Environmental was contracted to implement its phytoremediation solutions at a former manufacturing facility with very high concentrations of TCE, DCE, and vinyl chloride. Intrinsyx performed a site assessment and came up with a systems design of strategic planting locations to exert hydrological control over the plume. The prime contractor drilled bore holes through soil, concrete, and asphalt, allowing Intrinsyx scientists and technicians to plant 600 hybrid poplar trees inoculated with its PDN3 bacterial endophyte. 


4 months later, the trees were thriving and even survived gale force winds in a tropical storm. The trees saw significant growth in subsequent years, with 100% survival rates. Intrinsyx was contracted to install a further 200 inoculated poplar trees the following spring.  




Danville, IL



Contaminated Mediums:

TCE in Groundwater

Type of Remediation:

Endophyte Assisted Phytoremediation

Services Provided: 

Site Assessment, Project Planning, Phytoremediation Installation, Site Maintenance, Biological Monitoring