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Real Estate Development: Southern California Campus at Former Aerospace Manufacturing Facility 

In 2015, Intrinsyx was retained by a Fortune 100 client with a campus being developed (late 2018 opening) at a highly contaminated former aerospace manufacturing facility. We worked with the client’s Environmental Health & Safety team, their architectural firm, their landscaping firm, as well as state and federal regulators. We developed a tailored planting scheme for their campus using our specialized trees inoculated with pollutant-degrading microbes that can survive and thrive on highly contaminated sites while remediating the contamination in soil and groundwater and beautifying the campus.  


Site notes: 

  • The client site has several pollutants in the groundwater 


  • Several decades of expensive Pump & Treat systems yielded little change 


  • For Phase 1 (March 2018), we installed 750 trees inoculated with pollutant-degrading microbes 


  • By using our proprietary collection of trees and microbes, these inoculated trees can survive the site’s high saltwater (recycled water use and proximity to the ocean) 


The hybrid poplar trees are thriving, with pollutants safely being accumulated and degraded inside the trees, and the campus is open. Many trees are now 40-50 feet tall.


Our Integrated Biological Systems may earn LEED Points for: 

  • Stormwater management 

  • Remediation of contaminated sites 

  • Innovation 

  • Added shade (heat island effect) 

We are proud to work with Atlas Labs, an innovative Landscape Architecture, Urban Design, and Public Art practice based out of Sacramento, CA. 




Los Angeles, CA


Fortune 100 company



Type of Remediation:

Functional Landscaping

Services Provided: 

Site Characterization, Remedial Design, Enhanced in-planta Bioremediation, Groundwater monitoring, Tree Health Assessments, Phytoforensics

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