Galen O'Toole

Galen O’Toole is the lead environmental engineer at Intrinsyx Environmental and a life-long student of biomimicry and environmental systems. He has more than 6 years of experience as a project manager 26 developing novel water treatment technologies in potable reuse, wastewater, and desalination. Galen holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Resource Engineering from Humboldt State University. His undergraduate work on pressure-retarded osmosis (PRO) at Humboldt led to a publication in a top peer-reviewed journal and paved the way for his graduate thesis on coupling PRO with reverse osmosis desalination. Most recently, Galen worked as a Management Fellow at Valley Water where he directed a research program developing novel treatment alternatives to safely discharge reverse osmosis concentrate to the sensitive South San Francisco Bay ecosystem. He investigated electro-chemical alternatives as well as phyto-remediation and rhyzo-filtration through both floating treatment wetlands and sub-surface-flow engineered wetlands.