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Dr. John Leonard Freeman

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Dr. John Freeman is the Chief Science Officer of Intrinsyx Environmental. He has worked for over 25 years in researching and implementing cutting edge biological technologies for Phytoremediation, and is a world-renowned expert in the field. Dr. Freeman received his Bachelor of Science degree from Northern Arizona University dual majoring in Environmental Microbiology and Environmental Sciences with a minor in Chemistry. Dr. Freeman received his Doctorate from Purdue University in 2004 in Plant Biochemistry and Molecular Biology with an emphasis in the plant environmental stress physiology of metal hyperaccumulators.


For the next 15 years, he continued to implement phytoremediation projects with world class engineering firms, federal, state, and local agencies. He is a well-published researcher and frequently presents his work at national and international conferences.  John joined Intrinsyx in 2012, and co-founded Intrinsyx Environmental where he continues to lead development and implementation of endophyte enhanced biotechnologies for environmental remediation of organic compounds (VOC). In his research, he has also isolated and developed cultivars for salt, boron tolerant selenium hyperaccumulators, metalloid and heavy metal phytoremediation, nitrate/phosphate hyperaccumulating grass species, and salt/boron tolerant poplar hybrids. John works together with the National Arbor Day Foundation, USDA-ARS, USGS, NASA, EPA-ORD scientists and world class engineers at some of the best firms, whom are also clients of Intrinsyx Environmental.


 Dr. Freeman is either the project manager or lead scientific advisor working together with Dr. Chris Cohu at over thirty commercial Phytoremediation installation across the US. Dr. Freeman and collaborators were the first to utilize tree endophyte technologies commercially in the Endophyte Assisted Phytoremediation (EAP) process that has revolutionized tree groundwater and soil phytoremediation providing enhanced organic pollutant tolerance and faster degradation rates. This EAP process helps to ensure the success and safety of these Intrinsyx Environmental installations and helps with gaining regulator approval to advance the phytoremediation process more rapidly.

Dr.Freeman has served as session chair and speaker for the International Phyto Society in 2023 and has recently been elected to serve on the board of directors.


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