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Renee Murphy

Renee Murphy is an Environmental Scientist for Intrinsyx Environmental. Renee holds a Master’s in Plant Science / Agriculture from Cal Poly Pomona and a Bachelor of Science in Business from University of Southern California.


As a native plant educator, she shares her passion for native plant restoration through lectures and workshops in the community. Formerly the Sales & Marketing Director of a native plant nursery, Renee has collaborated with restoration efforts in the Salton Sea area growing native trees that were conditioned with salinity and endophytes to improve their survival rate in this challenging environment. With Intrinsyx Environmental, Renee incorporates her native plant knowledge and agronomic background into client and site management, working toward improved environments using phytotechnology with a focus on ecological restoration.


As an educator on the advances in phytoremediation, Renee has presented to Sustainable Silicon Valley, NASA Sustainable Green Team, a speaker for the International Water Holdings Corporation Conferences across the Southwest and will be speaking at NICOLA.Org Sustainability Conference in South Africa in November.  At the California Native Plant Society Conference 2022, Renee will co-chair, present research and will instruct a workshop to continue to bring relevant research to the native plant community.