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Chris Cohu

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Dr. Christopher Cohu is a leading scientist in the field of plant stress physiology, phytoremediation, photosynthesis and plant productivity, and development of applied agronomic traits. Dr. Cohu received his undergraduate in Environmental Sciences from Western State Colorado University, and his Doctorate in Botany from Colorado State University and the Program in Molecular Plant Biology in 2009. Dr. Cohu has focused his research and career on phytoremediation, plant stress, and the roles of endophytes in assisting plant resilience, productivity, and remediation effectiveness.  


During his early career, Dr. Cohu directed a team of algae scientists at Solix Biosystems on wastewater effluent remediation, recycling and remediation of toxic byproducts from hydraulic fracturing fluids and gases, biofuel production, and nutraceutical market development. After Solix Biosystems he focused on researching and developing bio-technology methods to improve plant photosynthesis, biomass, and productivity under stressful environments including spaceflight and terraforming, for both crop and non-crop species.  

Since 2007, Dr. Cohu has been active as cofounder and CEO of Phytoremediation and Phytomining Consultants United (PPCU). At PPCU he has directed remediation consulting and field deployment efforts to clean up heavy metals, metalloids, radionuclides and organic pollutant degradation using both plants and plant-associated microorganisms in terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems. In addition to consulting at PPCU, Dr. Cohu is Assistant Professor of Environmental Science and Technology at Colorado Mesa University where he teaches courses on pollution investigation and control.

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