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September 26, 2023 

Speaker Galen O'Toole Enviornmental Engineer 

Pannel Discussion- Home within Range: Successful Affordable Housing for Brownfield Sites
Should it Stay or Should it Go? - Follow-up to the CALRC 2022 Session ‘Going Green: Connecting Sustainability with Remediation Success’ that takes the next step in helping site owners and stakeholders implement more sustainable approaches to remediate brownfields.

In this panel discussion at the CALRC 2023 Conference Galen will speak on new tools in phytoremediation—endophytic microbes that provide for healthier trees, faster clean-up, and more sustainable in-site remediation. Phytoremediation provides clients and communities with resilient site treatment, reduced risk and liability, large cost savings, carbon sequestration, reduced heat island effect, and green space restoration. Intrinsyx plant-microbe symbiotic systems expand the range of sites available for phytoremediation and provide increased degradation for the targeted classes of contaminants. By incorporating contaminant-specific endophytes, phytoremediation methods can successfully clean up chlorinated solvents, petroleum hydrocarbons, explosives, PCBs, and mixed waste sites at higher contaminant levels—achieving greater tree survival and higher rates of biodegradation than conventional phytoremediation. Galen will be discussing these new sustainable tools, how they can be used to benefit your projects, and lessons learned from past projects.  

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2023 California Land Recycling Conference: People, Partnerships, Progress - 


About Galen O'Toole

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Galen O’Toole is a project manager and the lead environmental engineer at Intrinsyx Environmental—managing and designing endophyte-assisted phytoremediation projects for contaminated soil, groundwater, wastewater, and surface water. Projects include Superfunds, military sites, redevelopment projects, oil and gas sites, stormwater, industrial and municipal wastewaters, and in-situ remediation of surface waters.He holds a Master of Science degree in Environmental Systems Engineering from California Polytechnic University—Humboldt.


He has over 7 years of experience as a project manager and more than 4 years of experience designing engineered natural treatment systems for environmental remediation, water reuse, and wastewater treatment. Previously, he worked for 5+ years in the water reuse sector managing projects, designing, developing, and evaluating novel water treatment technologies in potable reuse, wastewater, desalination, and salinity-gradient energy production. His goal is to continue developing regenerative, ecology-based solutions for benefitting public health, access to clean water, environmental restoration, and climate change mitigation.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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