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Our Story 

Intrinsyx Environmental has cutting edge solutions to complex environmental remediation challenges. Our Enviormental scientists are leader in the field of Phytoremediation (the use of plants and microbes to clean the environment).  We use our novel collection of plants and microbes to design Integrated Biological Systems for cleaning the most prolific pollutants in soil, groundwater, and surface water. 

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Our Mission

Intrinsyx Environmental provides regeneration to contaminated sites with sustainable, nature-based solutions to create beautiful and beneficial spaces that restore communities and the environment. We lead in environmental remediation through cutting-edge biotechnology and collaborative partnerships, prioritizing client satisfaction and multiple-benefit solutions for all stakeholders.


Our vision at Intrinsyx Environmental is to lead the way towards a cleaner and healthier future, where contaminated spaces are transformed into thriving, aesthetically beautiful environments that harmoniously benefit society and nature through our sustainable, cutting-edge phytoremediation solutions.

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