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We use isolated tree endophytes combined with resilient tree cultivars, providing an Endophyte-assisted Phytoremediation (EAP) system that provides tolerance to contaminants and out-competes traditional remediation methods.

EPA and Regulator Approved

Out-competes traditional remediation methods

Inoculated trees had a 95% survival rate compared to  30% survival rate for control trees when growing in lethal concentrations of PAH's

Carbon sequestration

Currently remediating 30+ sites nationwide


Our environmental scientists are leaders in the field of Phytoremediation, which is the use of plants and their associated microbes to remediate contaminated soil and water. We use our novel collection of plants and microbes to design Integrated Biological Systems for remediating the most prolific environmental pollutants in soil, surface water, and groundwater.

With our expertise and proprietary biology, we can successfully remediate even some of the most challenging polluted sites. Our systems offer a cost-effective sustainable alternative to the more capital and labor-intensive conventional remediation techniques. They also complement and can be used to retrofit existing remediation systems.

We are a woman and minority owned small business with a proven track record in providing innovative solutions and strategies to meet the needs of our clients and partners. Our clients include the federal government and several Fortune 100 companies in the Energy and Technology sectors. 


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