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October 25th 

Speaker Renne Murphy Enviornmental Scientist

10:45 AM 

This presentation will focus on new tools in phytoremediation—endophytic microbes targeted to specific classes of contaminants and specialized tree cultivars. Plant-microbe symbiotic systems expand the range of sites available for phyto and provide increased degradation for the targeted classes of contaminants. By incorporating contaminant-specific endophytes, phytoremediation methods can address chlorinated solvents, petroleum hydrocarbons, explosives, PCBs, and mixed waste sites at higher contaminant levels—achieving greater tree survival and higher rates of biodegradation than conventional phytoremediation. Phytoremediation provides clients with resilient site treatment, reduced risk and liability, large cost savings, carbon sequestration, reduced heat island effect, and green space restoration. Content will provide technical background, applications, and site closure from deployment of technology on several Brownfield sites. 


About Renee P. Murphy 

Renee Murphy is an environmental scientist and Director of Sales for Intrinsyx Environmental. Renee has a master's in plant science/agriculture from Cal Poly Pomona and a bachelors in business from University of Southern California. Renee incorporates her native plant knowledge and agronomic background developing nature based sustainable solutions for contamination and drought impacted sites using endophyte assisted phytotechnology. 

Renee has assisted in key installations of groundwater, soil and phytoremediation methods across the state that have been regulator approved and allowed for shut off of mechanical systems. Renee has served as a project manager on sites with a focus on ecological restoration, establishing native plants on exposed playa at the Salton Sea and other drought, fire-impacted sites.  


As an educator about the advances in phytoremediation, Renee has presented to NASA Ames Green Team, Sustainable Silicon Valley, a panelist speaker for the International Water Holdings Corporation Conferences across the Southwest, Alaska Forum for the Environment, National Brownfields Training Conference, and was an international keynote speaker at 2022 Resiliency, Nature & Climate Solutions in South Africa.


Renee serves her community through outreach programs as a speaker and workshop instructor for the California Native Plant Society, teaching native plant propagation


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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