Oil & Gas Phytoremediation of Soil and Water: Specialized Plants Inoculated with Pollutant-degrading Microbes

   Intrinsyx uses unique plant endophyte to inoculate trees and grasses to effectively remove and degrade oil and gas derivatives (DRO, GRO) in soil, groundwater, and surface water. We provide assessments, direction and solutions to assist in the stabilization and removal of these contaminants from polluted environments and the mitigation of associated risks. We count 3 of the world's largest oil companies as paying clients.

   These microbes were discovered and characterized by one of the field's leading academic labs, and Intrinsyx has secured exclusive commercialization rights. In published studies, plants inoculated with these microbes removed up to 40% more phenanthrene than uninoculated plants. We can effectively and efficiently clean polluted sites at significant cost savings over conventional remediation techniques.

Phytoremediation of TCE and other Chlorinated Solvents

Intrinsyx has numerous phytoremediation sites in California where our chlorinated-solvents degrading microbe is used to inoculate trees to clean contaminated groundwater plumes. These trees can reach groundwater at depths of up to 30 feet. By using solar pumps, these systems can clean groundwater from even greater depths. Our proprietary systems have been deployed at Superfund sites as well as former military and industrial sites, with the review and approval of the EPA and California Department of Toxic Substance Control (DTSC).

The results from our phytoremediation system at the MEW Superfund Site (in Moffett Field, CA) have now been published in Environmental Science and Technology. Trees inoculated with the microbes were found to have a thousandfold reduction in TCE compared to adjacent uninoculated trees. Groundwater testing wells upstream and downstream of our phytoremediation site show that most contaminants present were reduced from high levels to non-detectable levels.

Phytoremediation using Floating Treatment Wetlands with Specialized Plants and Microbes

Intrinsyx can use our unique collection of plants inoculated with pollutant-degrading microbes to remove a wide range of contaminants in surface water by using industry leading Floating Treatment Wetlands (developed by Floating Islands International) as a platform for our proprietary Biology. These  islands provide a concentrated wetland effect to degrade and remove organic and inorganic pollutants in-situ. This technology is currently operating globally and has withstood hurricanes, typhoons, windstorms, and major water events. We are working with our industry collaborators to design oil-spill-ready modules incorporating our proprietary Biology, which can be rapidly deployed in cases of spills.

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